Heavy Machinery Painting Facility

Easy mounting and demounting thanks to the modular design including galvanized or stainless sheet panels and structured-wall pipes Opportunity to perform the painting operation at 20 °C - 22 °C in winter conditions, in a heated, filtered and dust-free medium.
Dust-free working environment provided by high capacity pre-filter and quilt type final filters.
Heating system
Capability to fully make the exhaust air free from paint with the help of the venturi washing system
Thermo-block system with burner
Radial type exhaust and pumping fans with static and dynamic balancing Positive pressure adjusting capability with manual or automatic dumpers.
Lightening with ex-proof or batten type fluorescent lamps.
Vehicle entry and exit doors controlled manually or by the motor, with safety system
Proper water curtain system on the floor provided by the high-flow centrifuge pumps