Surface Cleaning Cataphoresis

What is Cataphoresis Coating?

Cataphoresis Coating is the ideal coating type which is required for Automotiv Sector. Cataphoresis paint is an electro coating process which is based on electrochemistry principles.

Advantages of Cataphoresis Coating

he process, which is applicable to metals only, is economical with one colour application. When it is compared with powder paint coating and spray systems, it has higher installation cost and requires much energy.Although there is no production, mixing operation in the bath must be continued during 24 hours.Besides this limitation, cataphoresis coating in comparison with other method;

- It has stronger corrosion resistance
- It is more suitable for coating of complex surfaces
- Controlling of film thickness is easier
- It has higher efficiency and higher quality properties.

Process works automatically. It is controlled with film voltage adjustment and coats quite rapidly.Cataphoresis technology is eco-friendly.It doesn’t pollute the air and water. The process which does not have any solid waste, any fire hazard and not harmful to the human health, is economical and has facility in application.
Cataphoresis line consists 15 bathes as degreasing, activation, passivation, cataphoresis and rinsing.

The bath sizes in Cataphoresis line.
• Width : 60 cm
• Length : 280 cm
• Depth : 170 cm
• Weight :400 kg
• Length of the oven :

Chemicals for degreasing, activation, phosphating and passivation in the cataphoresis process are supplied by HENKEL,paint chemicals by PPG companies.
Additions, in the cataphoresis process, are made with automatic dosage.