Wet Painting Cabinets with Water Curtain

The cabinet construction is formed by galvanized sheet panels. 
Water curtain system is manufactured from galvanized sheet panels and is articulate. This allows easy access to the air washing system for maintenance. 
Water reservoir is manufactured from galvanized sheets with seamless welding. 
The cabinet can be manufactured from stainless steel upon customer demand. 
Pipes and valves with proper diameters and dismountable washing nozzles are used in order to avoid obstructions. 
Service valves are winged type. 
Dismountable water filters are placed in front of water inlet valve, overflow pipe and pump suction. 
Exhaust fan and water circulation pump are centrifuge type. 
Armatures with batten type fluorescent lamps are used. 
Power panel is placed on the cabinet and the internal cable network is ready to use. 
The paint particles conveyed by the exhaust air are hold ideally thanks to the water curtain and air washing systems.
The eliminator-separator system placed in the air washing system holds the water drops carrying paint particles, conveyed by the exhaust air; and prevents pollution. 
Water-curtain paints are suitable for both manual and continuous applications.