Electrostatic Powder Enamel Booth

The system that has been proposed is more advantage than conventional cyclone sytem,. 
·  Powder collecting and recycling is being achieved in this system in very efficiently in a short period of time.
·  The powder particles which are canalized by air in the booth is horizontal.By this way powder is best covered on the enamelled.
·  The cleaning time which is necessary to change color with respect to other systems are very short.
Upper booth part is 1.5 mm chrome,lower booth funnel part stainless are produced with stainless sheet iron.Booth legs are produced with 3mm DKP electrostatic powder dyed, the buttom of the booth is produced with stainless sheet iron.In the booth,the space is going to be ready for particle passing
The greatest characteristic is that , the booths work completely with full automatic system ,so they are different than the other booths.
Booth conveyor cleaning unit buttom cone and hopper group is completely controlling with PLC system.
The booths are portable and movable, the buttom parts are demountable.
The powder enamel which fall to the vibrating cones, will be eliminated with the help of the sieved hopper which is situated at the buttom. 
The eliminated powder enamel fall to the hopper with the help of transfer injector than transfered to the recylcling system. In that system the new and used powder enamel with the intended ratio ,will be entered to the mixer , there will be mixed together and eliminated again.
After that powder enamel fall to the 150 lt. powder hopper and then will be transfered to the guns.